The One Thing Your Brand Needs To Do For 2021 Success

The quickest way from point A to point B is a straight line.


As the world begins to reopen after a year of on again off again shutdowns due to the Covid-19 pandemic that ravaged our economy. Consumers are starting to get back to work and ultimately back on their feet. With this comes disposable incomes, and that money that was taken for granted pre-2020 won’t be spent on just any brand

So begs the question, how are you going to attract all the consumers with money burning a hole in their pockets? I’m sure you are going to plaster your website and fill your content feeds with all your offerings and thoughts on why they should pick you? Wrong. While your brand may be the swiss army knife of brands and have so much potential to offer. 2021 success won’t be offered to you when overcomplicating someones journey to converting on your brand.

Much like navigating a big metropolitan city in a foreign country can be confusing, filling the already crowded airspace around your potential customer can be confusing. We get it your the best thing to happen since sliced bread.

However, confusion is off-putting and akin to being a big fat frog. This is why you need a KISS. Yes, you read that right. It is time to turn your brand into Beautiful Prince Charming, because who wouldn’t want that? KISS, also known as “Keep It Simple Stupid”. So rather than telling me one million reasons why I should buy into your brand, keep it simple. Narrow it down to the top 3 reasons.

A couple of tips on how to get started.

1) Find out who your target audience is and tell them what they need to hear to be hooked on your brand.

2) While trying to catch as many fish as you can is nice, focusing on the ones that truly connect will result in long-term affinity and loyalty with your brand.

For 2021 success, Don’t complicate things. Simplicity is key and often provides the clarity needed to sell whatever it is you’re selling.



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