Redefining Fatherhood


Beleaf in Fatherhood Logo

Begining in 2015, Beleaf in Fatherhood was to answer the question of “What is the most important attributes of a father?”. Over the course of his rapid growth to just over 325k Youtube subscribers, Beleaf needed to refine his voice and redefine his purpose as a content creator. The association as a stay-at-home dad and other limiting characterizations was beginning to not align with his brand. Beleaf in Fatherhood came to Thread and Point rebrand, redefine and reposition him for continued growth while creating engaging cross-channel content that continues to attract newer members to his tribe.



– Complete rebrand from the logo and tagline, to all digital assets


– Developed a cohesive brand voice and guiding principles


Beleaf in Fatherhood was already successful, the growth trajectory was positive, and the video content was solid. However, the brand was not in alignment with his long-term vision. The challenge was simple but had risk. Completely redefine the brand around Beleafs original vision, without sacrificing his existing audience and tribe.


A redefined brand doesn’t just mean a new logo and tagline. We first listened to Beleaf on where his heart was in regards to his long-term vision. Once we refined and defined his guiding principles we had a clear direction. We began our work hand in hand with Beleaf on a new logo, taglines, brand voice, and mission statement. With Beleafs newfound vision on how to execute his goals with his mission statement and brand story in hand, he has seen tremendous growth.

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