Living For Legacy


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Brian Bullock came to us after the launch of his book “Living For Legacy”. His amazing work already has gained a lot of attention, Brian felt that he was about to be pulled in different directions with many opportunities coming his way. Brian needed to gain clarity and confidence in his mission. He came to Thread and Point to help him find the clear path he needed to take his brand for success. Since working together Brian has come across some pretty amazing opportunities, with his focused vision he has been able to live on the right track to accomplish his dreams and live for legacy.



– Refined existing creative brand elements


– Poured a solid brand foundation


Brian Bullock is an established pastor, motivational speaker, and educator. His main challenge was getting him to the next level. Brian had a vision for his future and needed it to come into focus.


We had many tough conversations with Brian to unearth his vision. His story on why he does what he does is an amazing one that needed to be amplified. We gave clarity into his guiding principles, wrote his new mission statement, and injected his brand with a clear purpose. Our team gave insight into creative design decision Brian was already accomplishing to be more in alignment with the work we were doing together.

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