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2018 was the year Matt Gollaher was diagnosed with Parkinson’s. He felt like he had lost control of everything in my life. He remembers crying and yelling at the top of his lungs, asking God why? With the support of my family and friends, and the tools that he gained from therapy & coaching he was able to come out of this trauma with a clear path for growth. They helped him discover and mold his identity closer and closer to how God views him.

Gollaher Coaching’s goal is ensuring everyone has the same opportunity he did. He will help you build healthy support systems, made for the broken so they can become whole in God again.



– Complete brand package, logo, colors, guidelines


– Developed a cohesive brand voice and guiding principles


Matt has been a life coach for a few years and a pastor prior to coming to Thread and Point. He had gone into our process blind. He knew what he wanted to do which is to help people find clarity and grow from their past traumas. Matt needed to establish himself as a figure of authority to speak into folks lives and to do so we needed to get personal and distill his story down into a few sentences to communicate to his potential tribe that he truly understands and is here to help.


We began having long meaningful conversations with Matt to truly find the untapped potential for his brand. His story of being diagnosed with Parkinson’s is a passionate one that we wanted to lean into. After establishing his story, guiding principles, and goals. We began digging and found a visual language that is 100% Matt Gollaher. A child of the 80’s, Matt love’s everything from the decade of his youth. We found by leaning into the 80’s aesthetic we clearly helped Gollaher Coaching define its prime audience as well.

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